Supply and services terms and conditions

Shop-Makers is a simplified limited company with a capital of €10,000 registered in the Paris Trade and Companies Register under number 840 776 298 and whose registered office is located at 5 avenue Ingres 75016 Paris, France.

If you wish to follow the process of your subscription or request information regarding one of our offers, our Customer Service is at your disposal:
  • By Email: by connecting to your customer area, you can ask your question or make a request through a drop-down menu.
  • By Phone: at 0041225180044 Monday to Friday, (except on public holidays).
We remind you that you can also:
  • Access your customer account through myselectdeals.ch and which also gives you access to an online tracking of all your orders.
  • Use the FAQ section for any additional information.
  • Send us a mail at the following address: My Select Deals - SAS Shop-Makers - 5 avenue Ingres, 75016 Paris, France.
  • Or by email to the following address: contact@myselectdeals.ch

The services offered by Shop-Makers S.A.S. consist of a subscription to a selection of discounts, rebates, private sales, vouchers, bonuses (the « Services » or « Service » be « My Select Deals », through the Shop-Makers website (the « Site »).

This offer is essentially intended for a public of French consumers who regularly make purchases via a computer or a mobile device.

In order to benefit from the Services set up by Shop-Makers, it is necessary to register on the Site, and subscribe to our services.

The subscriber (hereinafter the « Customer ») will benefit from the services offered by the Club My Select Deals managed by SAS Shop-Makers, the list and description of which are indicated below.

The list of e-merchant Partners is visible on the Site.

Article 1. Subject of the general conditions and acceptance

These general conditions are intended to govern the relationship between Shop-Makers and any subscriber to its discount clubs.

By using Shop Makers services, you acknowledge that you have read and unconditionally accepted these General Terms and Conditions.

Shop-Makers has the right to modify them at any time. Without any express refusal on your part, they will be effective after a period of 8 days following their update notification.

Article 2. Services offered by the « My Select Deals » club

2.1 The range of services

Shop-Makers services include:
  • « Welcome Reward »
  • « Purchase Reward »
  • « Delivery Reward »
  • « Loyalty Reward »
  • « Discount Codes Reward »

These services are intended to be modified and improved as the market evolves.

2.2 Subscription conditions

The subscription is effective after the Client has subscribed to the « My Select Deals »club, following a confirmed purchase on an e-merchant Partner website.

The purchase and payment must be exclusively made in your name. You could not subscribe personally if the order on the partner site was made for another reason.

Your subscription is unique and nominative. You can only subscribe to our services once. Any subscription followed by a withdrawal will be considered as a first subscription, not subject to a renewal.

To allow you to subscribe to the « My Select Deals » club and subscribe to the service offer:
  • the purchased product must be sold by the e-merchant Partner and then delivered by him
  • in the case of a product and/or service return or a purchase cancellation made on the Partner's website, if Shop-Makers has already refunded you as part of the Service, then Shop-Makers has the right to debit your account from the amount paid for this purchase and to claim a refund for the rewards subsequently granted.

2.3 Conditions of access to services

The services subscribed cannot be applied to:
  • purchases made from the Partner with gift cards, credit notes or other similar payment methods;
  • products or services already subject to discounts or rebates from the Partner;
  • second-hand products or services sold on the Partner's website;
  • purchases made elsewhere than on the e-merchant Partner website;
  • of purchases that have not been fully paid;
  • purchases made in violation of these General Terms and Conditions.

Any exchange of a product or service purchased from an e-merchant Partner does not give access to any new Service offer.

The sums due as part of the Services are credited to the Customer's personal account, according to the banking information previously provided (IBAN, BIC). It is the customer's responsibility to provide up-to-date banking information and to update them in case of a modification.

If banking information have not been updated making Shop-Makers unable to credit the Customer account, all discounts due by Shop-Makers shall expire within a maximum period of one (1) year

The Customer can check at any time his personal account, as well as all sums credited to him. He can contact customer service (by email or phone) to check, request any clarification, or dispute the credited discounts
  • Shop-Makers will verify within a maximum period of forty-five (45) days the veracity of the information, proof of purchase and payment, provided by the Customer and will confirm whether his account will actually be credited.
  • In the event that purchases do not give access to the Services offered by the Site (due to a restriction issued on the sale site or in the discount regime), Shop-Makers reserves the right not to credit the Customer's account or to request a refund of unduly credited amounts.

2.4. The different offers from the Service

Each one of these offers are part of the entire Service set up by the My Select Deals club.

Attention, all offers are personal, non-transferable and limited to a single customer registered on the site.

2.4.1. The « Welcome Reward »

The offer content: any Client who has just registered on the Site will be able to benefit from the payment of a CHF 20 welcome reward. This amount may vary depending on the commercial offers provided by My Select Deals.

Benefits of the offer: It is only possible to benefit from this offer once. To benefit from the Welcome Reward, Customers must upload their purchase invoice issued by the e-merchant Partner, in PDF or JPG format, directly on their customer interface myselectdeals.ch

Limits of the offer: this offer will be valid for a period of ninety (90) days from the date of subscription to the Service. Beyond this 90-day period, the Customer will lose the opportunity to enjoy his or her Welcome Reward.

After uploading his proof of purchase directly on the Site, within 90 days, the customer will be credited directly to his bank account, after all verifications made by the S.A.S Shop-Makers.

2.4.2. The « Reward on your purchases »

Content of the offer: any Customer who subscribes to the Services will benefit from a 20% discount applied to the pre-tax amount of each purchase duly paid to the e-merchants partners. Partner's websites do not mention this offer and the Customer is therefore responsible for obtaining details of this Service by browsing the Site.

Benefits of the offer: To benefit from this Reward, the Customer must upload his invoice for the purchase made from the E-merchant Partner, in PDF or JPG format, directly on his customer interface myselectdeals.ch within 45 days of purchase.

The Rewards amount will be credited to the Customer's account within 45 days after uploading the invoice, subject to the conditions listed below and verification of the qualification requirements for this Service.

Limits of the offer: the Customer has the ability to get Rewards from all purchases made on the E-merchant Partners websites, within the limit of a maximum purchase amount of CHF 300 per month.

The Rewards only apply to the full price of products or services purchased on the Partner's website. The price must have been fully paid and not be subject to suspension, cancellation or refund. The purchase of the product or service must be definitive. In the event of multiple payments to an e-merchant Partner, the Customer will only receive the Reward after the last payment.

The amount of Rewards accumulated during a given month may not exceed the amount indicated above. Amounts exceeding this limit will not be transferred to the following months.

The credit to the Customer's account will be automatically activated if the total amount of Rewards exceeds ten (10) euros over the month. The credit will be made by the S.A.S Shop-Makers the following month of the credit validation.

2.4.3. The « Delivery Reward »

Content of the offer: every month, members of My Select Deals have the opportunity to benefit from free delivery of their products or services ordered from all e-merchant Partners

Benefits of the offer: To benefit from this Reward, the Customer must upload the invoice corresponding to the purchase made from the E-merchant Partner, in PDF or JPG format, directly on his customer interface myselectdeals.ch within 45 days of purchase.

The delivery costs will be refunded by S.A.S Shop-Makers, within 45 days from the invoice upload, to the customer's bank account, after verification of all eligibility conditions for this Service.

Limits of the offer: The Delivery Reward will be valid on all products or services, within the limit of a maximum purchase amount of CHF 300 per month.

If the invoice has not been uploaded within 45 days by the Customer, Shop-Makers S.A.S. will no longer have any obligation to refund the delivery costs.

2.4.4. The « Loyalty Reward »

Content of the offer: any Customer who makes a new purchase from the e-merchant Partner through which he/she has registered on the Site, may benefit once a month from a reduction of CHF 18 at this e-merchant Partner.

When the Customer has registered directly on the Site, the e-merchant Partner with whom the Customer may benefit from the Loyalty Reward will be the one from whom he made his first purchase after his registration.

Benefits of the offer: To benefit from this Reward, the Customer must upload the invoice corresponding to the purchase made from the E-merchant Partner, in PDF or JPG format, directly on his customer interface myselectdeals.ch within 45 days of purchase.

The amount of CHF 18 will be credited by S.A.S Shop-Makers within 45 days after the invoice has being uploaded to the customer's bank account, after verification of all eligibility conditions for this Service

Limits of the offer: the "Loyalty Reward" is only valid once a month.

If the invoice has not been uploaded within 45 days by the Customer, Shop-Makers SAS will no longer be required to credit the Loyalty Reward.

2.4.5. The « Discount Code Rewards »

Content of the offer: all Customers will receive discount codes, valid for e-merchant Partners,

Benefits of the offer: the Customer will receive Discount Codes at a frequency depending on the availability of these Discount Codes by the E-Merchant Partners. They will be usable under the conditions and time limits indicated on the offer,

Limits of the offer: all the discount codes available are provided to S.A.S Shop-Makers directly by the e-merchant Partners. S.A.S Shop-Makers has no responsibility for the validity of these offers,

It is the Customer's responsibility to check the validity of these offers with the E-Merchant Partner.

Article 3. How to subscribe to the Services

To subscribe to the Shop-Makers Services, you must:
  • to be a physical person aged 18 or over,
  • act for personal and non-commercial or professional purposes,
  • have not already subscribed to the same Service,

As an online subscription you must have Internet access, have a valid e-mail address.

Subscription to the service, either directly through the Site, or after being redirected to the Site following a transaction on an e-merchant Partner, is completed after the validation of several steps:

  • Information on the main features of the Service;
  • Filling in the online form

In any case, Shop-Makers may request additional documents to verify the Customer's identity.

In order to complete the subscription, and in accordance with article 1366 of the French Civil Code, the Customer agrees to provide his valid identification details.
  • Acceptation of these General Terms of Sale and payment confirmation;
  • Final order confirmation;

Shop-Makers has the right to verify your eligibility for its service and to accept or refuse the submitted application (which would not respect the terms).

If not, you will be immediately notified by email.

If so, you will receive an email confirming that your account has been successfully created. Registration, by assigning an login and password choice, is considered as full and complete agreement to the general conditions.

Your access is personal and you must ensure the confidentiality of your username and password that you will not share with any third party. In case of loss or misplacement or identity theft, you must immediately inform us in order to regenerate a new code to secure your account.

Once the registration to the Service has been validated, the Customer will receive two (2) e-mails, including Service charge at the end of the cancellation period:

>First email:

once the user has validated his order, an order recap will be sent to the e-mail address provided at the time of registration.

You will be reminded:
  • the order details,
  • the terms and conditions for exercising the contractual cancellation right,
  • the address where you can submit your claims,
  • after-sales service information.

Shop-Makers will send the Customer these General Terms and Conditions and a cancellation form to the address given at registration.

>Second email:

2 days before the first charge.

Article 4. The Price and Payment for the subscription

4.1 The price for the subscription

All subscription prices are in CHF including VAT.

The price of the subscription to the Services is CHF 19.90 per month, charged after the expiration of a fifteen-day trial period.

In order to verify the validity of your bank card, a payment may be made and then canceled immediately.

On simple request, paper invoices can be sent to the subscriber instead of electronic format.

If Shop-Makers decides to modify the price of the Service, you will be informed at least thirty (30) days beforehand of this modification and you may refuse it.

4.2 Payment for the Service

Payment for the Service is due by credit card (Visa or Mastercard).

When paying by credit card, the subscription fees are subject to a monthly automatic debit. The credit card used for payment must be a personal card of the subscriber to the Service.

In the event of an error, or if it is impossible to charge the card, the subscription will be immediately suspended, as well as the access to the services.

Under the Monetary and Financial Code, the obligation to pay by card is irrevocable. By providing his bank details at the time of sale, you allow Shop-Makers to charge your card for the indicated price.

In the event of an abusive or unjustified charge-back procedure, Shop-Makers has the right, at its entire discretion, to:
  • contact the Client's bank in the event of an objection or/and ask the Client to provide documents to justify the objection procedure he has initiated
  • to suspend until the receipt of the requested proof(s), the payment of the rewards accumulated on his user account or/and to,
  • close your user account with immediate effect and cancel all accumulated discounts and benefits, whether in payment or already paid, in which case you will have to immediately refund Shop-Makers for the amounts already received.

Article 5. Withdrawal and duration of the contract

5.1 Right of withdrawal

Beyond the provisions of article L.221-28 of the Consumer Code, Shop-Makers allows you a contractual right of withdrawal of 14 days from the date subscription to the Service.

You do not have to give any reason or pay any penalty to use it.

To do so, you simply need to inform us within 14 days of your subscription:
  • By mail to Shop-Makers : SAS Shop-Makers, 5 avenue Ingres 75016 Paris,
  • By email: contact@myselectdeals.ch
  • By filling out the online form, available on the My Select Deals club website,

5.2 Duration of the Contract

The subscription to the Services is subject to a fixed-term contract of one month, from the date of subscription.

It will be tacitly and automatically renewed at the end of each period, for a new period of the same duration,

After a period of one month, the Customer and/or Shop-Makers may decide not to renew the contract.

Article 6. Obligations of the Parties

Shop-Makers cannot be responsible for damages resulting from misuse of the Service subscribed by the Customer.

Shop-Makers cannot be considered responsible for any inconvenience or damage inherent to the use of the Internet network, in particular a service interruption, an external intrusion or the presence of viruses.

You are responsible for the safekeeping of your equipment.

You are responsible for all activities that have been and are carried out from your account.

You agree to notify Shop-Makers if you suspect that an unauthorized third party is using your login and password.

Shop-Makers is not involved in any transactions between the Customer and the e-merchant Partners.

As a result, Shop-Makers cannot be responsible if the e-merchant Partners do not effectively sell or provide the services they offer, for any delay, defective product or service. Shop-Makers shall not be responsible for the interruption or withdrawal of any offer made by an e-merchant Partner on its website, nor for any modification of the Service offer that had to be made by Shop-Makers as a result of such interruption or withdrawal,

Article 7. Termination of the Contract

During the contract's execution, either party may terminate the contract without giving reasons.

This cancellation is made by mail or e-mail, at the addresses indicated in these general conditions or indicated when opening your account.

It is also possible through your Customer Area, in the « profile » menu and then « Cancel my subscription ».

Once the termination decision has been notified, the subscription will expire at the end of the current monthly period. You will no longer have access to the Services offered by S.A.S Shop-Makers.

Shop-Makers may terminate the subscription agreement for the Services without prior notice in case of violation of these General Terms and Conditions.

Article 8. Complaints

You can submit any request by using one of the following contact details:

Postal service: My Select Deals, S.A.S Shop-Makers - 5, avenue Ingres, 75016 Paris

Digital option: E-mail address: contact@myselectdeals.ch

Telephone option: Customer service number: 0041225180044

Article 9. Intellectual property rights

Trademarks, domain names, products, software, images, videos, texts or more generally any information subject to intellectual property rights are and remain the exclusive property of Shop-Makers.

No transfer of intellectual property rights is made through these General Terms and Conditions.

Any total or partial reproduction, modification or use of these items for any reason whatsoever is strictly prohibited.

Article 10. Force majeure

Any irresistible, unforeseeable facts or circumstances beyond the control of the parties shall be considered as fortuitous events or force majeure and exempt from liability.

In such circumstances, a discussion is recommended in order to analyse the impact of the event and agree on the conditions under which the performance of the contract will be continued.

Article 11. Personal data

As part of the service subscription and while the services are being performed, Shop-Makers collects and processes your personal data, which is protected by the French "data protection and freedom of information" law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 and the European data protection regulations of 27 April 2016 no. 2016/679.

Shop-Makers guarantees that this collection and processing is carried out in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

Detailed information on this processing can be found in article 3.1 of the Shop-Makers Privacy Policy available here. In particular, here you will find information about the personal data processed, the purposes, the recipients of this data, your rights and the retention periods.

Shop-Makers agrees to take every appropriate measure possible to keep said personal data secure and private, especially in terms of preventing it from being distorted, damaged or sent to unauthorised persons.

If you have any questions about the processing of personal data by Shop-Makers, you can contact us by post at the following address: Shop-Makers Réductions Privées, 5 Avenue Ingres, 75016 Paris.

Article 12. Legal information

12.1 Right of use

Our rights to use the software are granted to you on a non-exclusive, personal and non-transferable basis, in accordance with the Intellectual Property Code.

However, under Article L. 122-6-1 of this Code, you, as the customer, have a right to make a backup copy, and for this purpose only, when necessary, in order to preserve the use of the software.

In any case, you agree to respect the right of ownership that the author of the software has over his work.

12.2. Mediation

According to Article 14 of Regulation (EU) No 524/2013, the European Commission has set up an online dispute resolution platform, facilitating the independent out-of-court settlement of disputes between consumers and professionals in the European Union.

This platform is accessible at the following link: https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr

You remain free to accept or refuse the use of mediation and, in the event of mediation, each party is free to accept or refuse the solution proposed by the mediator.

12.3. Applicable law

Any dispute which may result from these general conditions, concerning for example the execution, interpretation, validity, shall be subject to French domestic law.

12.4. Partial invalidity of the general conditions

If one or more clauses of these general terms and conditions are held to be invalid or declared invalid by law, regulation or following a final decision of a competent court, other clauses shall be considered as valid and enforceable.

12.5. Proof of conservation and storage of exchanges

Electronic records, documents and receipts stored in Shop-Makers computer systems under reasonable security conditions will be considered as evidence of communications, data exchanges and responses sent by Shop-Makers.

Article 13. Recommendations

We remind you that it is recommended to save the personal data contained in the products purchased. We are not responsible for any loss of data, files or damage resulting from your negligence in this backup.

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